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Membership agreement.

Article 1 (definition)
1. In this Agreement, the following terms and shall have the meaning set forth below.
2. The term “member”, on the consent to this Agreement, is called the person who the member registered by our predetermined method.
3. The “shop”, Say that of the Sanshin store Machidaya.
4. The “Service”, Say that of all the services provided by the net shop ” Sanshin store Machiday” that our Management.

Article 2 (registered members)
1. Agree to the Terms, please do the membership registration. It means that you agree to the Terms by member registration.
2. Please be performed by the person in question to be a member to member registration.
3. By the same person, Can not more than one member registration.
4. Members, the disclosed the password that you registered in the service to a third party, rental, along with the do not share, Please be strictly managed so that it is not known to a third party.
5. For damage this service is caused by that was used by a third party, Our shop does not assume any responsibility.

Article 3 (change of member information)
if there is a change in the content of member registration, please change of registered content than “BILLING ADDRESS” Edit in the my-account page.

Article 4 (unsubscribe of members)
If a member wishes to unsubscribe, please do the procedure of withdrawal from the Contact Us page. If you want to unsubscribe, delete all of the member information and points from the database.

Article 5 (change or abolition of the service)
By our judgment are assumed to be able to change-abolish the service. The shop shall not be liable for damage caused to the member by the change or abolition of the service.

Article 6 (Granted of Reward points & Affiliate points)
1. To grant the point according to the point giving rate and granted how shop was established.
2. Reward Points for Account Signup 50 points will be granted.
3. When buy the goods in a state in which the member has logged in this service you are granted 1 % point of the commodity price.
4. Reward Points for Product Review 30 point. Important: up to one review per product purchased.
5. Generate a referral link in My account, Please introduce by e-mail or social networks. If there is a new account registration, Referral Reward Points for Account Signup 30 point are granted.
6. Generate a referral link in My account, Please introduce by e-mail or social networks. If your friend to buy goods from the link and then grant the 1% point of commodity prices.
7. Transaction is completed, After the shop has made establishing processing the point, the point is granted to members.
8. Can not be redeemed, refund, etc. for granted point.
9. Our shop, Without member consent, New increases and decreases or abolished, And shall be able to make other changes.

Article 7 (use of points)
1. Members, In accordance with point methods of use our shop was established, By discount points worth of (1 point = 1 JP Yen) You can buy the goods.

Article 8 (point expiration and revocation of)
1. Point a member-owned, the last point you have expiration date 12 months from the date has been granted. Grant the point of membership by the new order, point expiration date will be extended.
2. Past the point expiration date of membership, automatically all points will expire.
3. Our shop, not do your notification of point revoked. In addition, the Company does not assume any responsibility for revoked point.


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