Sanlele Umi Ashibi Blue

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Sanlele Umi Ashibi

World’s first! ! Waterproof Sanshin! ! You can play outdoors on the sea, river, rainy day. Outdoor instruments!

Musical instruments of Okinawa birth who mixed Sanshin and ukulele! “Sanlele” The body is an ukulele, but the strings are three. Fit improved according to the scale of Okinawa Sansin. You can play like playing Sansin&ukulele! ! ♪ New instruments ♪

Sunreure Umi Ashibi is made of waterproof wood, acrylic body, Even if it gets wet with water it was completed as a safe musical instrument. You can also enjoy musical instrument performance by the beach, swimming pool, riverside and other nearby water.

The color variation is blue and green two colors. Acrylic bodies can carve your favorite design from among eight different designs.

●The logo of Sanlele Umi Ashibi carved in the body.

●Waterproof natural paint is used for wooden parts.


                                     ♪Sanshin master Hajime Nakasone: Kahakai Chidori (original song)



You can add sanlele back as an option.

Material: Canvas

Size: Length 63cm x Width 30cm x Width 13cm


rucksack style
Because it is a durable canvas, it is thick and hard to tear!
A sunlele bag that can be used indoors and outdoors.

* Please note that the image and color may differ slightly depending on the browser, etc.







In addition, Sanlele music score “Sanlele Music Book Vol.1” and “Clip-on tuner” can be added as an option.


Japanese notation






赤とんぼ/いつも何度でも/安里屋ゆんた/十九の春/芭蕉布/童神/涙そうそう/海の声/唐船ドーイ/上を向いて歩こう/チェリー/SLOW & EASY/あなたに/STAND BY ME/行ってくるよ/勝利のうた




A total of 17 songs from Okinawan folk songs to J-POP and Western music are posted. It’s a tablature, so if you learn how to read it, you’ll be able to play it easily! There is also a collection of chords that can be played as an accompaniment when playing single notes for beginners, chords for intermediate and advanced players, and singing along with other instruments! Please use the sheet music and enjoy the Sanlele life!

・Single note/chord collection
Twinkle Twinkle / Red Dragonfly / Always and Again / Asadoya Yunta / Nineteen Spring / Bashofu / Children’s God / Tears / Voice of the Sea / Tosen Doi
– Chord playing collection
Red Dragonfly / Always and Again / Asadoya Yunta / Juku no Haru / Bashofu / Doujin / Tears So So / Voice of the Sea / Tosen Doi / Let’s Turn Up and Walk / Cherry / SLOW & EASY / Anata ni / STAND BY ME/I’m going/Song of Victory
・Code table
Honchoshi Chord / Nigage Chord / Sange Chord / Open Chord



Clip-on tuner

“Tuning” is a worry when starting to play an instrument. However, if you have a tuner, even beginners can easily tune the strings. A tuner is a must! Only one button to operate! A simple and easy-to-use tuner! Once attached to Sanlele, you can tune it with one touch, so even those who are new to using tuners can easily use it.



“Color options” You can choose from blue, pink, or green.

Design Options

Image of sculpture

You can engrave on the body.
Choose your favorite Sanlele design.

*There is no additional charge for plain fabric. Only a small logo is engraved on the lower right.


  • *Please choose your favorite color

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    *Please select your favorite design.

    * Required to select: Prices vary depending on the design.

    Additional tuner options

    Sanlele Bag option

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    Naming service 1,100 yen
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