Sanshin – Artificial skin Ryukyu Sanshin(Okinawa )


It is Sanshin selling best for beginners.

Karakuri (tuning peg) is made of ebony which is not slippery
Even at a low price, it is easy to use Sanshin.

The body is an artificial leather. There is no worry of breaking, maintenance is unnecessary. It is recommended for beginners.


We will firmly deliver with inspection and trial play, so please be assured!

※The size is the size of a general Sanshin (about 78 cm)

※It is Sanshin single item sale. Case or pick and other accessories are not included.

※It is the size of a general sanshin (approximately 78cm)

※Case and drumstick (sanshin pick)No other accessories are included.


★We deliver nationwide.


Uta,Sanshin  :Kentaro Oshiro

Song♪: Hatomabushi


It is a sanshin that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate players.



A History of the Sanshin

Okinawa was once an independent nation, called the Kingdom of the Ryukyus until 1879. During this era, the kingdom established a tributary relationship with China, from which the culture of the island nation was extensively influenced.


In the 14th century, various kinds of music instruments were introduced to the Ryukyus, including the prototype of the Sanshin. A series of improvements to these instruments have been made so as to fit the culture of Okinawa, which resulted in the design of the instrument we see today.


During the Kingdom Era, people treated the Sanshin as a court instrument that was played at royal events or as a device to nurture the ruling class culture. The instrument later spread to commoners where it was played at local festivals, theatrical plays as well as parties among the youth. It continues to play a vital role in festive events in Okinawa today.


The people of Okinawa have a custom of displaying the Sanshin in the alcove of their homes. Such a custom shows an appreciation which goes far beyond being an musical instrument.






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