Sanshin Soft Case – Denim


Sanshin Soft Case – Denim


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Sanshin Soft Case – Denim

★Outer dimensions:83cm×23cm×10cm
★Inside dimensions:82cm×22cm

★Accessory case 9cm×14cm×4.5cm
★Compartment :23cm×36cm
(Including notes larger than A4)

It’s the case that you can carry with you the most easily in Sanshin cases.
It is convenient to carry with a handle and shoulder strap.

You can carry it on your back so it’s easy to bikes and bicycles and also you will be hand free!
Also it has a handle for vertical holding.  It’s convenient for train / bus.

Plenty of storage!
You can put A4 musical scores in comparment and accessory pouch come with the Sanshin case !

※Depending on the state of goods arrival, sometimes the color may differ slightly from the image.  Please acknowledge that colors such as chuck color and belt stopper may be different from the image.  If you are concerned please feel free to contact the store.

Weight 2.4 kg
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